2010 - The Year That's Going Bye Bye

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I know this year has been so much hectic for me and I did not really complete few things at all that I looked forward. My promise to myself is to be more regular on what I feel and what I value the most. There are also few other promises that I want to keep as well in the exercise but hmm..let me look into that later.

2010 was totally packed with all sorts of likes and dislikes, some good news, some bitter news but overall the life was as normal as it was a collection of good, wonderful, amazing and even ugly in all equal portions in the year. First time in my life, i was involved in couple of accidents that WE never expected from past traveling. First one is when i and my friends are returning from Srisailam trip, it tool place at city outskirts and the other My Car Accident Story is no NH-9 when i am going to VJA.

Amazing things that i came to know through self realization is that I am unique with what I am (of course chala late gaa teylusukunanu). Some great lessons and experiences in my life have happened which I am not aware off. I found a gang of friends around me and that taught me how to just accept people as they are.. no background, no caste, no religion etc. It’s really a great lesson.

Another eye opener for me is: some things in life will not happen never just because we are not ready for it. The one and best classic example is removing my mustache as I am not sure, I am really ready for this but at last it was happened. Some things in life will always be there with you like family, friends and even the work place that has become my second family and not to forget our city traffic as it is also a part of daily life.

All in all 2010 was k but tons and tons of new resolutions are coming up with some to keep and some to keep which are set for 2010 + 1. All the best and have a great year ahead.

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