My Car Accident Story

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My Lovely Ford ClassicOn Vinayaka Chathurthi, we planned to goto cousin's house in September 2010. But unfortunately at around 07:10 AM, my car was hit by a bus while I was overtaking at city outskirts after LB Nagar.

To better understand how this happened:
1. Imagine a four lane road
2. The bus was in the left most lane and almost slowing down to stop.
3. When the bus hit my car, the left most lane was occupied by an auto in the bus stop infornt of the bus. I was in the righ lane just near to divider over taking the bus.
4. I had almost crossed the body of the bus upto front wheel and the bus driver suddenly turned to right with out any indication and hand signal when my car got hit. The damage was started from the left front bumper, followed by the head lights, indicators, sibblings, left side doors, wheel cab(back tire), dislocated and badly scratched till the rare lights.

When the bus hit my car, i turned car to extreme right and the wheels started rubbing with divider and i don't have much space to move right and i stopped my car. The bus moved half way and stopped ahead at right side. The bus driver was telling that it was not my fault but the locals saw the way the accident took place and started arguing with the driver.
Ford Inside ViewThe driver than said i am apologetic and it was his fault around 7:40 AM. I then said that this damage will cost around 30 to 35k (I own a Ford Escort & each door panel's painting and denting work costs more) and i told the driver to pay for the damages or we can go ahead with the Police.

He said that he didn't have the money and after he saw that i was very serious about calling to the local police in front of him and at that time the patrol vehicle was on its way, I explained to him the concept of road driving, rules that are to be followed especially on the highways. I then started taking the car to the side not to cause traffic problem for the public and it was around 8:00 AM.
Front Grill EmblemThe driver gave 4k (that to collected from the passengers) to me and by looking at the driver position, he said that i cant give that much huge amount and i am not even a permanent employee. So, i just said to leave and all the passengers are requesting me to let them go as it was more than 1 hour. The thing here is that such drivers cause harm to others who aren't at fault and what if instead of my car there was a two wheeler with a kid on it or pedestrian? He wasn't looking at the sides. For that, I am thankful that it was me and not someone who could have seriously injured.

Few points..
* Always note down the vehicle number.
* Call the police if the driver is refusing to pay for damages or if he is threatening you.
* Make sure there are witnesses who can collaborate with your version.
* Don't let the driver move off easily.

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    Anonymous be careful buddy with bus drivers.

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