Trip From Hyderabad - Srisailam - Hyderabad

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Srisailan Ghat RoadDestination : Srisailam
State : Andhra Pradesh
Travel : Hyderabad to Srisailam
Distance : 240 kms
Mode of Transport : Car
Number of Days : 2

So, let me begin. It was January 2010, when MY FRIEND came from US for holidays. We decided to have a short plan / journey for 2 days and it was finally to Srisailam.

We had lot of fun on the way to Srisailam and it was around 240 kms. Our journey is very interesting that we covered so many places enjoying both Pilgrims as well as normal Nature Spots that made us stop now and then with 5 hours of time to reach Srisailam. We thanked nature for the amazing weather on that day. (You can have a look at climate all through the pictures.)

Srisailam Tiger Reserve - AP Forest DepartmentIt was Srisailam Tiger Reserve and the drive on the Nallamalai hills is most interesting part of journey. The roads are creepy and you are all alone in the jungle. Occasionally we can find a car or a bus that would cross you in the Ghat road.

I got strucked with my works.. soon i will be updating my experience in the entire trip following with the pictures..

2 comments to Trip From Hyderabad - Srisailam - Hyderabad

  1. says:

    Hanuman hey sirish,

    I am hanuman. really it was wonderful moments to be remembered.
    I will share photos.

  1. says:

    sirish kumar Hi Hanuman.. as u said the trip was enjoyed all the way by us. I some how missed this trip photos from my disk. I'm waiting for these pics and when ur free plz share the pics/throw picasa link.

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